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Rhode Island Senate Meeting to Discuss Amtrak Rail Route Proposal

On Tuesday, the Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee is set to meet. The discussion of this meeting is centered around an Amtrak rail way line plan that would stretch through the state of Rhode Island’s southwest area as well as through Connecticut’s coastal eastern territory. Ultimately, the Rhode Island senators will listen to the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) proposed recommendations for the new rail route at this meeting.

The FRA’s proposal will be presented by Doug Gascon, who currently serves as a deputy director of governmental affairs at the FRA. The proposal is recommending that the railroad route be straightened throughout southern New England and as a result bypass locations in order to speed up travel.

This proposal has been met by many members of local towns and communities as well as by Congress members that have opposed this new route plan. Individuals from both Connecticut and Rhode Island have opposed this new route plan because it would call for Amtrak to cut through historic towns and through important farmland.

The proposal to bypass through the parts of southern New England is brought as a measure to speed up the current rail travel between Boston and New York City. It is also a stepping stone to speed up rail travel to other further destinations, such as Boston to Washington D.C., within the years come.

This meeting will be public, but it has been made clear that the senators will not be fielding any public comments.

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