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Avalanche Causes Serious Problems for Amtrak

An avalanche has caused two Amtrak trains to be stuck in Montana after wiping out and covering sections of the train tracks. One of the Amtrak trains was heading to Seattle and the other train was in route to Chicago. The trains needed to take alternative measures as a result of the avalanche.

Both trains were carrying just under 100 passengers at the time the issues with the track occurred. As a result of the track issues caused by the avalanche, Amtrak was forced to reverse the train scheduled courses to other stations and even house some of the passengers until all the track issues could be taken care of and made safe for travel.

Ultimately, passengers on their way to Spokane, Seattle and Portland on Monday were returned to Chicago by bus or else made alternative travel plans, according to Amtrak officials.

Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari released the following statement: “Thanks to the skill and science deployed by BNSF Railway, the route through Marias Pass in Montana will be open for our trains to safely use when they arrive.”

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