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4 Dead and Over 35 Being Treated After Train and Bus Collide

Biloxi, Mississippi was the scene of a gruesome collision between a charter bus and a CSX freight train on the morning of March 7. As a result of this accident, four individuals passed away during the collision, as confirmed by the local coroner’s office. Additionally, more than 35 passengers were injured and were hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

The total number of passengers on the character bus, during the collision, was around 50. The majority of the passengers were elderly individuals from Bastrop Senior Center, located near Austin, Texas. It has been reported that the charter bus was heading towards the Boomtown Casino as a part of their casino charter trip.

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller addressed this matter at a press conference. Miller explained the crash as a “terrible, chaotic scene.” He was also quick to add that the Biloxi police department was doing all that it could in order to assist those passengers of the bus.

According to local sources, passengers are filing lawsuits against the transportation companies for their gross negligence. One of the basis for these claims being that the area in which this accident occurred has been the scene of 16 incidents since 1976.

The accident is still under investigation, but one alleged theory may be that the driver of the bus relied on incorrect GPS directions leading to this accident. The National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt explained that the driver of the bus may have had the GPS directions settings on commercial vehicles when searching for the proper direction rather than using the directions provided from the bus company. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, many companies have their own desired traveling routes based off their assessment of the specific travels route areas and the hazards that may be present in those areas.

The deceased were ultimately identified as Ken Hoffman, 82, and Peggy Hoffman, 73, from Lockhart, Texas; Deborah Orr, 62, from Bastrop, Texas; and Clinton Havran, 70, of Sealy, Texas.

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